Communication Sessions

March 28, 2011 No Comments by Mary


Because I am able to use not only my intuitive and empathic ability, but all of the extensive training I have in Reiki, Matrix Re-imprinting, EFT, Psych-K and my Medical Intuitive ability, I am able to hone in on a variety of issues and resolutions very quickly and with great depth and clarity.


What you can expect:

  • Get a deeper understanding of what your animal has been trying to tell you, understand the messages they are waiting to gift you.
  • Help prepare your animal for a new arrival. You can prevent issues as you learn to institute introductions with greater ease. Learn how to facilitate all pets to get along. Get a firm understanding of how your new animal’s past may be affecting present behavior.
  • Litter box, housebreaking solutions and unexplained behavior. Work with your animal to create solutions if inappropriate behavior begins to become an issue. Learn to address the need behind the “misbehavior” and come to solutions that honor you and your animal. Understand why training may not be working, greatly improve communication to create
    a more co-operative synergy.
  • Understand what is behind the physical symptoms and issues of your animals pain or “dis-ease”. Get to the root cause of maladies and/or unexplained behavior issues with horses.
  • Help your animal with change. A new location, new baby, or any change in the family dynamic can cause a disruption and discord. Release any problems by communicating to
    your animal what to expect so you can address any fears.
  • Transitions at the end of life. Assist your aging animals and support them in a way that they truly require so they can be more comfortable as they prepare for transition. Learn how to let them go with ease as you fully understand how to make the most of each moment.
Session rates vary depending on your needs and start at $95.00 per session.
Please contact me to discuss the type of session that would be most effective for you. Available services:

A) A private session with you and your animal about your animal’s behaviour or other issues ( on the phone or via a picture)

B) Pet grief counselling for you and/or your pet

C) Reiki treatment for you and/or your animal

Please contact me for more information or to book a session. A 15 minute complimentary telephone discovery session is available before booking a session.


Telephone Readings

After a payment is received, a time for the consultation will be established. The client must email a photograph of the animal to  a minimum of 48 hours before the booked appointment time.

If you have any questions about a telephone or in person session please email me at or call me at 705.328.4400 for more information.