December 11, 2013 No Comments by Mary

“Mary is a great source of inspiration and knowledge to anyone struggling to better understand the connection which exists between people and their horses.
Mary’s insights are enlightening, thought provoking, and they capture the essence of each of the horses she interacts with. As a trainer, I know that horses can sometimes be confusing and frustrating to work with, but through her gift, Mary is able to help us better understand our horses thoughts and desires. Communication is the key to success.  Thanks for helping us to communicate with our horses, Mary!”
Lindsay, Ontario

“I had narrowed my search for a new dog down to on Petfinder.com.  Each had a compelling description as they were both needing to be re-homed. Mary looked at their pictures and pointed to Spencer, described as “affectionate, playful, brilliant with cats and a big baby who needs lots of attention” and advised me that she was picking up more than the description – or cute photo of the dog cuddled up on a couch –  said.  She told me that although the description was mostly correct, she was concerned that there was a lot more beneath the surface, and I needed to be prepared for that, should we choose to adopt him. Adopt him we did, and Mary’s predictions came true almost right away, as we discovered that he chased shadows and licked carpet obsessively, almost to the point of mania.  He cowered at the sight of a leash, ran in terror when anyone threw a toy, and hunched over warily in the presence of new people. He has come a long way since then, and I do still believe that we were the right family for him, but each time we struggle with a new issue I remember Mary’s prediction, and wonder how she knew.”
Kitchener, Ontario

“Mary came to see my cat, Sam, shortly after meeting and channeling – with amazing accuracy – my friends` horses. Sam was sixteen years old when I got him.  His previous family assured me that he was “very healthy”, and that seemed to be the case for the first few months that he spent with us.   Then, he began crying piteously every night.  My veterinarian was at a loss, as everything “checked out”.  Mary “spoke” with Sam, and sensed an issue in his abdominal area.  That night, he threw up a giant hairball, and shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with renal disease.  I was then able to make decisions about his care with more clarity.”
Orillia, Ontario

“I’ll never forget the day you spent at our house. Mary devoted her heart and soul to my pets and family for the day. She was a comfort to us and brought us closer. It was the day before my dog Carlie was to be put down, and she helped fill in an unknowing that was between Carlie and myself since I did not know her past, only the last few years of her life. Questions got asked from both of us and they got answered. Some was painful information that I learned about her past before she was my dog.

Mary, you are a true warrior by following a gift that was sent to you, a gift that some are reluctant to unwrap knowing what pain can come from the information that presents. Thank you Mary.”
Sherry C.

“Mary has the ability to really get to the heart of any issue with true compassion and understanding. Her approach is caring and deeply insightful. Mary has the ability to mirror all of the obstacles I had set before me in such a way as to guide me to my own aha moments. Mary does not impel her will, she uses her extensive knowledge, powerful intuitive capability and gentle guidance to help people see and stand in their own truth. Mary has been a true blessing in my life. For this I am deeply grateful.”
Toronto, Ontario

I knew from the first moment that I spoke with Mary that she had a very special gift. During our session, I remained fully open and Mary proved to be a beautiful channel for messages that were subtle, but powerfully life changing! Mary had a gentle and kind way of speaking truth using her extraordinary gifts. The true magic came after our session, using the guidance that her messages offered and I started to notice so many new things around me and these things have brought me such joy! Thank you so much Mary!